Board Application and Position Description


PASACAT governs the overall execution of the organization’s mission. Principally, the Board manages the organization’s finances, which includes its funding and budget, the operation of its many programs, and the maintenance of its assets. Additionally, the Board oversees the Executive Director, who is responsible for day-to-day management of the organization. Overall, the members of the Board contribute the educational, management, legal, and financial skills needed to ensure long term organizational stability and ensure year-to-year educational excellence for PASACAT’s mission.

The Board of Directors has up to 15 (fifteen) members. Terms are for 1 (one) year, but are eligible for re-election without limitation on the number of terms they may serve, provided they meet the qualifications required per the organization’s bylaws.

Board Member responsibilities include attending regular board meetings, as well as teleconference meetings and active electronic conversations as part of Board committees. Additional Board meetings may be scheduled, as needed, if an urgent matter requires Board approval outside of a scheduled Board meeting. Board members also hold a fiduciary responsibility for management of organizational capital and ensuring appropriate filings with federal, state, and local authorities consistent with the organization’s status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Declaration of Candidacy

Board positions require a time and energy commitment that should not be underestimated. Candidates are urged to consider personal priorities for the next year as well as the ways to contribute to the development of the organization.

Resources available to prospective members:

  • Organizational Documents: Strategic Plan, Bylaws, Annual Budget, Operating Principles, and others upon request

  • Program Overview & Calendar of Events

  • Email ( or call (619-477-3383) the Executive Director Anamaria Labao Cabato with questions or if you would like the contact information for the current Nominating Committee chair.

To apply:

  • Submit the Board Application (pages 3-5 of this document) to You may include additional documentation, such as, your resume or references, if available. PLEASE WRITE “NEW BOARD MEMBER APPLICATION” in the subject line.

  • Copies of the application will be distributed to those selecting members and will aid in understanding how you would like to contribute to the organization’s work.

Time and Financial Considerations


  • Board Meetings – monthly

  • Committee Work – monthly

  • Annual Meeting – Within sixty (60) days after the close of the Corporation’s fiscal year (typically January)

  • Board Retreat –two days, typically a Friday night and all day Saturday in the summer

  • Fundraisers and Special Events - board participation needed and required

Donations: As with any Board, members will be solicited for a cash or in-kind donation; 100% participation is sought; the amount is $200 per term (a combination of cash, in-kind goods or services, and sponsorship donations) but we ask that board members consider giving at a leadership level (greater than $200). Board members should also maintain an active membership status during their term. Board member dues are currently $125 annually.

Application for PASACAT Board Candidacy

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We want to understand your views on current operations and how your potential contributions might fit with the organization’s vision. Please answer the following questions. Limit your response to this page/the space provided. Address and contact information will not be distributed. If available, please also send your résumé to:
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6. Which of your skills would you like to utilize on the Board? Check those that apply: *
If you are selected to the Board, would you like to serve on one or more of the Committees or Board? Please circle your choice(s) below:
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If you join the Board, you agree that you can provide at least 2 - 4 hours a month in attendance to Board and Committee meetings, and that you do not have any conflict-of-interest in participating on the Board.
If you are not selected as a member of the Board, or if you decide not to join, would you like to be a volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests? *