Educators & Community Leaders

The (Extravaganza 2014) writing, the staging, choreography, music arrangements, drama, the twists on the familiar making everything fresh are beyond compare. And of course the multi-talented and committed cast–double, triple, and quadruple threats — everyone sang, danced, played instruments, and had a production role.
— Charlotte Guarnes Fajardo, Cultural Community Leader/Retired School Administrator, 10/18/2014
I could clearly see that PASACAT was most qualified to be showcased at the Lotus Fest when the Philippines is the chosen host country. At the FANHS-SD conference, we looked forward to seeing you… and again you did not disappoint. This Pinay appreciates the good work you do.
— Eloisa Gomez Borah, Librarian Emeritus, UCLA, 8/11/2014
PASACAT’s members have a very professional demeanor and were flexible and accommodating. Their performance represented San Diego’s vibrant Filipino community with great integrity made a lasting impression.
— Anjanette Maraya-Ramey, Artist Coordinator for the Americans for the Arts Convention, 7/15/2011
PASACAT’s dedication to outreach and education, coupled with their enthusiasm for cultural exchange and sharing is a true gift in the community.
— Annamarie Till, Community Building Program Manager, JCNI, 7/14/2011
PASACAT encourages not only the older generation but the new generation to learn the history through its art, dance, and music… an asset to the Filipino and Filipino-American Community in California.
— Romulo Sarno, Jr., President, House of the Philippines, Balboa Park 7/13/2011
PASACAT’s colorful performance was everything I always hope a school & family show will be: entertaining, educational and inspiring…a joy to present the personable PASACAT dancers and musicians.
— Darla Meeker, Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, 3/13/2000
PASACAT presentations…excellent as they were in the quality of dance and music and professionalism. What was most valuable from my perspective as
educator and ethnomusicologist was the degree to which you have trained your students to be active transmitters of Philippine culture.
— Marnie Dilling, Professor of Music, UCSD; 6/15/1992

The Media

It was a great opening to a night of captivating dances, music, and songs. A night of fun! A night of memories! It was an enjoyable a feast for the senses,
and none other than PASACAT, the premier dance company in San Diego, delivers.
— Zeny Sultan Babao, San Diego Asian Journal, 10/11/2008
For those young people in PASACAT who spend hours of rehearsal time, there is a kind of authenticity, and I wouldn’t challenge it for the world.
— Anthony Shay, Interview with San Diego Union Tribune, 1/8/2006
Smooth, fast-paced choreography, for a joyful extravaganza!
— Jennifer de Poyen, SD Union-Tribune, 9/15/1998
PASACAT uses the dance floor as classroom….From mimicking animals to pagan worship and tribal ritual, the dances have evolved into art and a kind
of looking glass into the past through which present generations can peer for clues to understanding themselves better.
— Veronica Pedroza, CNN International, 2/17/1996
PASACAT….skilled young performers. The Philippine Countryside had the exuberance of musical comedy…theatricality and all that singing, expert and heartfelt, just in time to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of Philippine independence.
— Anne Marie Welsh, SD Union-Tribune, 9/9/1997
PASACAT celebrates with a sterling show….A moving program with vivid spectacle sights and sound making the performance a total visual delight.
— Eileen Sondak, SD Union-Tribune, 11/1/1994
So much theatrical savvy went into this rich, well-paced program that PASACAT seemed a touring professional company in all but name. The dancers are skilled, well-drilled and eager to please. The entire stage space was always animated by formal groups or moving dancers and vivid and lavish costuming.
— Anne Marie Welsh, San Diego Union-Tribune, 09/05/1994