Help PASACAT Rebuild Our Home

As a result of the recent rains in San Diego, our beloved PASACAT Center has experienced great trauma. For those of you who aren’t familiar, PASACAT is a Philippine Performing Arts Company and educational center based in National City.

This Center is home to five decades of individuals – generation after generation – of dancers, musicians, and friends who’ve become family. Our family consists of students as young as the age of 2, and continues through elder years as we carry on our mission and passion. In this home, we come together to celebrate and showcase our culture through the arts.

Through the rains, we’ve unfortunately sustained many damages, such as, flooding and water damage to our entire center including the dance floor, prop rooms, and kitchen.

Our roof and infrastructure shows signs of leakage. Costumes, headdresses, instruments, and props – ones that have been in our family for nearly 50 years, have been destroyed or ruined with water and runoff.

We humbly call upon our friends, family, and community for support in this time of need. Support and donations of all amounts are greatly appreciated. With all our hearts, we thank you deeply for helping us rebuild our home.

PASACAT's mission is to preserve and promote Asian Pacific culture through the arts, thereby, extending goodwill and enhancing cultural understanding. 

PASACAT Inc - Certified Charity in National City, CA
EIN: 953385375